Futurelink Difference

Our Inspirers

Nancy Ruano

Career Coach

Sabrina Santos


Neha Arya
Founder & CEO
Emily Griffith

Career Coach

Sanja Kruzevic


VISION: Happy employees. Successful businesses.


To inspire success by guiding people to make confident and rewarding career choices.

Our mission is to solve the issue we see emerging in the industry leading people to faster burnout and sooner mid-life crisis’ leading people to wonder what they are doing with their lives. From the corporations that are noticing lower employee retention to the people who aren’t enjoying their job and finally realizing that they want to do something that makes them happy! A job is a place you go just to pay the bills, but a career is an investment worth making and we want to make the process to find your ideal career as easy as possible. We point you in the direction to get you

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